Out with the Old.

 New Year. Time to clean.

I think there is some Scottish tradition about sweeping away the old year, unsure if vacuuming counts?

Someone told me they cleaned out their pantry the other day. Which of course got me thinking.

What is the oldest food item I have in the pantry.

Well I am pretty sure this tin of Peas is at least 15 years old.

And YES I put it back in the pantry!

And there is another one there just the same, so………………………………. at some point I thought I should buy a tin of peas no one will eat, and then I decided to buy another???

So that isn’t even close to the oldest item edible item I have found.

Now I know this is at least 30 years old, because I “borrowed” it from my mum when I was first married. If that date stamp is to be believed this bottle of “Imitation Brandy Essence” is older than me.

Guess where I have put it?

Yes. Straight back, in pride of place, with all the more trendy flavours like salted caramel and coconut. It is the matriarch of my pantry and I have no desire to change that.


La Clef des champs René Magritte

MAGRITTE, René_La clef des champs, 1936_657 (1976.3)

One of my favourite paintings.

I first saw this in the 1980’s, the Thyssen-Bornemisza collection was touring the  world.   

I saw it at the bottom of the world and it has stayed in my soul.

Why do I have to think so much?

Why can’t I just turn off my brain and accept things, not question, just live in the moment without judgement, (my own).   Its relentless the constant pressure to be more, to do more, to give more, to be perfect.   It is so tiring for the soul.

Am I the only one?    Others don’t seem to think at all, or so little its barely perceptible.   Is it gender, intelligence or emotional quotient.   Probably realistically a combination of the three.   Doesn’t help.

Someone said to me the other day, you know those little things you do, most people don’t notice.  I thought, no they probably don’t, then I thought, But I do so many of the little things in life to make others lives easier. 

So I am not quite sure what that’s all about.   Why I feel a need to be perfect I guess.   I’m certainly not trying to impress anyone else, because obviously most don’t realize the things I do, so I don’t know.   Maybe an innate need for order in a world without any?


Yes I know First world problem, but does anyone else have as much of a challenge as I do with #*$#$*!!! pillows!   I can’t find a good one, and if you do there seems to be a window of about 6 months when its perfect, then it’s to hell in a handbasket.   I plump and fluff and whack and on occasion toss across the room.   None of which makes any noticeable difference.   You would think price and quality would ensure comfort.

Not in my experience.   The cheap are just as bad as the expensive.

But wait……………………… I have brought yet another pillow yesterday, and fingers crossed it may last longer than a few months.

Being a Bolshi Cow.

           So did they do it deliberately, or was it a mistake?


Seriously what does it say either way.

The saddest thing is there are people out there who look at this and don’t understand that it’s a problem.

There are so many ways sexism is commonplace in our world we don’t even see it, it’s the little insidious things that surround us.

Doctor Who.

barbieI really love Doctor Who, I have for years, it’s part of my childhood and when in 2005 they started making it again I was very happy.   I have watched every episode since then, and some of them many times.

So a woman Doctor, about time I thought.

I have enjoyed the first episode of the new series and Jodie Whittaker is brilliant.

So why then are they making a Barbie Doctor Who.   What is there about the two things that made someone think, oh yes she would make a perfect Barbie.   

Wrong Wrong Wrong




“What the …………..Moments”.

I have these “What the……………..Moments” far to regularly.

Is it because I live in my own world and am oblivious to others, sure sometimes that’s the case.   I also think we all judge others on what we have going on in our head, there’s always a lot in mine, others not so much I suspect which I think maybe the problem.

I hope my mouth doesn’t drop and that my voice doesn’t show the disbelief I feel.  Probably it does.   The standard “Oh really” or “isn’t that interesting” usually get me out of a tricky situation, because a well-worn platitude has to be better for harmony than, “What the Hell are/were you thinking”.

So in the last few days I have had from two different  people in my family;

“I haven’t read a book for at least 10 years”.   I wanted to say “God bless reality TV”.   But I’m afraid my sarcasm would have been lost.

“My doctor put me on pre diabetes medication??? this time last , year and I haven’t taken it, and my blood tests are getting worse, and I really don’t want to  have to inject myself everyday”.   In my head again “Both your mother and brother are injecting with insulin, what do you think might happen????”